New Spells

Life Pulse (Detection)


  • Active (resisted by Willpower+Logic)
  • Extended Area (Force x Magic X 10 M)
    Range: Touch
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Drain: F+2

Focusing the mind and the body to allow magic to flow freely through them, this spell pushes magic out in the form of a pulse. This pulse detects all life forms (not spirits) and the caster gets a mental image of the relative location of these signals to him. In addition, if the caster succeeds in a Memory test (Logic+Willpower2), the spell can focus on and locate an individual person of interest and will give the caster the relative location of the individual if they are within the spells area of effect (and don’t resist the spell)..

Learning this spell will require that you research it. This requires an extended test: Logic+Arcana[Mental][18,1 day]. You can read the rules for these on p48, but basically you can roll Arcana+Logic[Mental] every day (subtracting 1 dice each day) until you rash the required 18 successes. Once you reach it, you have the spell. If you never reach that number before you run out of dice then you fail the test. You can add dice to the roll for having things like a magical library, assistance from another mage, a magical laboratory, help from some powerful entity, etc etc.

New Spells

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