Robert Walson

Dead beast-hunter mercenary troll


He’ll hunt man or beast; devil rats, runaway daughters, wyverns … whatever you pay him to find, he’ll track it down and bring it back alive, dead, or as a trophy. Truth be told, it’s not the money that matters so much as the challenge of pitting himself against man and/or beast, facing down whatever life throws at him and returning the winner. Mountain, moor or loch, he’s the alpha predator. And you? You’re just prey. Run if you want, but when he’s chasing, he knows how it’ll end.

He died on the north side of the law, killed by a powerful Earth Spirit. It was later discovered that he was the elder brother of Sir Theodore Wall. Sir Wal recovered his body and he was eventually buried at The Church of St Mark in Cowgate, by Father Paul. He recieved the Last Rights as befits a not-so-good Catholic.


Robert Walson

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