Duncan The Duke

A Dockside Crime Boss


“Why do they call him the Duke? Well, back in the days a Sailor came from Cumbria and you know how Duncan keeps telling this story of his deposed nob family? Yeah, the one where he always puts a different place and title. It was Lords of Cumbria at that time.
Yeah, so he sat there as drunk as he gets. I mean both of them were and the sailor went cocky, like: why so shy with bullshit ? You might as well say you are the Duke of goddamn Paris!
And hang me if it didn’t amuse the boss. I mean not that much not to gut this guy like a kipper, but enough to let the nickname stick.”

Duncan is a rather enigmatic Crime boss of the Dock area. He appeared quite suddenly in Dundee around a decade ago on a barge with a few armed men and few crates of weapons. Taking advantage of the chaos governing the streets, he cleared the docks of some major players and got himself a comfy spot. Today he mostly specialises in weapon and rare mystical beast parts trading, “protection” and mercenary jobs.
He fosters a story about being a descendant of unrightfully deposed noble family somewhere down in England, tho his stories never include much details or substance. Few of his closest men will always vouch for it and show some surprising discipline and loyalty.
Duncan is smooth mannered even if very aloof at times. He dresses practically, yet neatly.
Rarely seen (at least by the party) outside of the warehouse he uses for meetings he is a rather reasonable and efficient person for a lowly criminal and seems surprisingly confident in his own ability to influence the goings on in the city.

Struman and most of City Guard accepts him as he usually keeps his area clear and is a provider of weaponry for the guards… as much as for everybody who pays the right price.


Duncan The Duke

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