Brother Claudius

Italian monk, currently resident at Lindores Abbey.


Bother claudius is a small, spindly kind of fellow, with a large round head and a monks haircut. His lefthand is usually gloved to hide a sixth, skeletal, finger. Thie skeletal finger was oriaginally a religious relic from the Cathedral that was reputedly the little finger of St Benedict. Unusually, in this case this was absolutelytrue and further, St Beneditcs soal was teathered to his relic. St During a particularly powerful magical encounter that should have slain Brother Claudius, the relic fused with the monk, saving his life but also bestowing up him some personality quirks. Usually softly spoken and devout, Claudius is also prone to occasional sharp, almost rude, outbursts. He also occasionally talks to himself.

He now teaches theology and magic at the University.


Brother Claudius

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