Bishop Sutett

Archbishop Sutett was a tall slim older man with an angular face, wispy hair and piercing eyes.


James Sutett was the Bishop of Dundee until he, and his entire entourage, were ambushed and slain returning from a conclave in London. He was a bright energetic and influential figure until the night Humanis brought terror to Dundee. He survived the attack on the cathedral by the dead but not unscathed. The power of the wraith king (animated by The Hollow Crown) was such that in holding him back long enough for help to arrive the Bishop suffered grievous mental, and some physical wounds. Left frail in both mind and body the Bishop called a conclave to decide his replacement and had intended to retire, however he was slain shortly after the conclave on his way back to Dundee.

The new Bishop hasn’t arrived yet. Until he arrives, a Council of priests, including Father Colban leads the cathedral, but they have proved to be very conservative and have withdrawn considerably into orthadoxy in the wake of the Bishops death.


Bishop Sutett

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