Bethshaba - The Angel of the Dark

A reoccuring villain, summoned by the Grand Cyclopse of Humanis in Dundee to assist with his plans



This foul demonic spirit calls herself Bethshaba. She has only been observed fully manifested and appears as a short lithe woman, either naked or sparsely clothed according to her desire, with beautiful soft feathery wings sprouting from her back. She appears as a creature of halves; one wing is black, the other white, half her long hair is white, half back, one eye is red, the other the blue of a clear sky. She also has sinuous sensuous tatoos covering half her face.

She speaks is soft, husky, seductive tones, but is a fearsome opponent in a fight and the party have learnt to fear her. She is tough to hurt despite her fragile appearance, wields a whip of purest flame, and is known to command powerful sorcery including invisibility, telepathy, fire magic and even healing.

She appears to have a fixation for Deputy Sherrif Struman


Bethshaba - The Angel of the Dark

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