Shadowrun: Dark Ages

The hangover

The the cold crisp light of a new dawn, the city and tis heroes awoke from the terrors of the previous night fragmented and with no clear plan. A short distance from the city square, in the Cracked Cask Inn, Agnes and Elara a’ Tog awoke to something of a hangover. Orion Pendragon joined them after his fruitless night-time ramblings, even more grumpy than usual he was unadvisedly sharp and terse with Elara whose dour mood prompted an unusually sharp reply – everyone was in a fine mood! Cid Sitron-Blodåre awoke in his hovel in the slums, clear headed but bruised and aching, not knowing if it was safe for him to walk the streets. Fen MacBás also awoke in in a hovel in the slums, clear headed and largely unhurt but wondering what was to become of the city and the day. Deputy Sherrif Struman awoke tired, cold and damp in a small dark cell beneath the Earls mansion, the chafing from the manacles still raw on his wrists. Murdo awoke well rested but bruised, battered and aching from the near-death experience the night before. His bed had been soft and inviting then but perhaps he paid for the comfort now. And finally Sir Arthur Fergusson awoke from the comfort of his bed his town house, warm, well rested, and relaxed. The day, and his mission from the Bishop stretched out with promise before him.

Murdo and Fen sought out the others, looking to find their companions and tell them of the evens of the night before. Fortunately a grizzled orcish crone with money in the wealthy end of Dundee is not hard to find and they located the Cracked Cask without too much trouble.As Murdo, Fen, Agnes and Elara compared notes and decided onMurdo a course of action, Orion, frustrated and worried by the theft of his sword and his masters book a few days previously decided to go and check a few smiths shops to see if any had heard of the crimson blade. He visited two in the better end of Cowgate to no avail, although they did point out that they were honest businessmen who had no truck peddling stolen goods. For that they suggested he might like to try the Docks.He returned to the Cask to check up on the othersElara before heading to the docs and found them leaving, to pay a visit to the Sheriff and, if possible, his deputy. Orion agreed to meet up with them later int he city square and, in the mean time, headed out to the docks in search of his lost possessions. Once there he quickly found himself pointed in the direction of the shady character named Duncan, know colloquially as ‘the Duke’. Some urchins (after relieving him of a few minor possession) pointed him to a nondescript looking warehouse. He knocked and was greeted by a large gentleman with more muscle than was good for a man, who told him that Duncan was currently indisposed but that he could wait if he wished – which he did. Inside the warehouse was, surprisingly, mostly empty. Just a small collection of barrels, chests and crates at the far end, deep in shadow, gave an indication of the properties business. After a short wait, which did little to lighten Orions mood, he was shown through eventually to a small run-down room at the back of the warehouse where he was greeted by a small, relatively nondescript rat-faced man with a heavy Dundonian accent. Orion immediately enquired about the whereabouts of the sword and the book whereupon Duncan, ever the shrewd businessman and never one to give his hand away, dissembled and asked for some more information about these items. He shrugged when asked whether he had seen them and said it was difficult to know without details; Where had they come from, how could he recognise them, what were they made from, how old were they etc etc, Orion, clearly getting frustrated byt he course of the conversation began to get angry and even went as far as to threaten Duncans life lest he tell him what he knew. Duncan, pasuing for a moment, with the large gentleman looking behind Orion, clearly deCided that this young upstart was merely high spirited and defused the awkward situation by laughing at the elfs bravado. Even as Orion stalked from the building, laughter ringing in his ears, he heard Duncan call out that he hadn’t seen either item but that he would keep an eye out for them.

Meanwhile, at the city guard house the conversation with the Sheriff proved interesting. They learned a little about the standoff between the guards and the churches men and that the Earl hadn’t really wanted to arrest Struman but saw little other choice in the circumstances. Certainly leaving him in the hands of those thugs was not a pleasent idea. The Sheriff assured them that the earl would find some nobles to stand with him in trial of Struman and that should see the end to it, but in the mean time he would have to be seen to be contained. The Sheriff asked them more questions about the creatures and about how to find them and stop them. He seemed stressed, desperate, almost a little panicky about the situation. They group reassured him that they were working on the problem and had a good lead in mind but that they would need equipment for their journey. They told the Sheriff that Struman had suggested that they might get some equipment from the Guards armoury for their journey. Clearly willing to do almost anything to resolve the problem the Sheriff agreed, and told them that if they wanted to see Struman they would have to speak with the Earl, but he stressed that they must hurry to find whatever solution they had for the plague of creatures.

They equipped themselves with basic but decent quality armour and weaponry from the armoury and headed off to meet Struman. Luckily for them, Struman had received a visit from the Earls Castilian just an hour earlier explaining the Earls position and reiterating the need to find a solution to this problem. The need was so pressing that the Earl had instructed the Castilian to, under a veil of secrecy, release Struman and disguise him so that he might resume his mission. With a wig, some old clothes and a little rouge he was suddenly a different person and they group would have walked right past him had Fens sharp eyes not spotted some similarity of form. They spoke briefly and swiftly in a small alleyway and decided that it would be best not to draw attention to Struman despite his disguise. They swiftly discussed plans and agreed that they needed to travel to Agnes’s hope to find these trees from Elaras vision. They agreed to meet up again on the other side of the Tay, in the fledgling town of Newport. Then they parted company and Fen and the others made a show of purchasing some breakfast and eating it, before heading themselves to the city square, the docks and across the river by ferry.

As the group crossed the square, Sir Arthur watched them from the eves of the cathedral. Morning sermon had finished and he had anticipated that sooner or later thry would make their way through the square and he was not wrong. He did not rush to join them though, instead waiting for them to cross the square and following them at distance. As the crossed the square heading for the docs Cid furtively darted fromt he shadows, wincing as he moved, and met with them. A swift discussion of the night before followed but they all agreed that a more protracted discussion would have to wait for the evening as they had hours of travel in front of them. Heading tot he docs as a large group they hired one of the numerous ferrymen to shuttle them across the Tay. The large ferryboat, loaded down with supplies and passengers slowly poled and steered out into the silvery Tay which was eerily wreathed in a cold grey haar. On the far side, in the small parochial town of Newport our heroes gathered themselves and their supplies and, after meeting up with the disguised sherrif, they headed out towards the ancient forest of Tentsmuir.



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