Shadowrun: Dark Ages

Out of the mouths of Babes

A short while (and a trip to the butcher) later and Father Christopher returned tot he church. Fen MacBás went to speak with him, to see if he could or would help them and he found a troubled priest. Father Christopher was considerably the Bishops sermon – on one hand he is a Bishop and he was preaching what the mother churches doctrine, the word of God, but on the other hand it felt wrong and hard, without any of the forgiveness and compassion that he saw in Christs teaching. He told fen that he could not go against the church but that equally he would not support and aid in a pogrom red too for so long. Seeing that the priest was in a difficult situation Fen left without making his life harder.

Elara, Fen and Murdo decided that they would pay a visit to Violets parents and see what they might tell them. When they got there they found an empty house and a cold hearth. Outside there was little sign of the way they went and the neighbors knew little of use – It seemed that Violets parents had left earlier in the day and had headed north towards the main road, but beyond that who knows. With night deepening they decided to stay in Violets home and await the morning. As they talked Elara persuaded Violet to take them to see Sorry in the morning, to where they lived.

They left early in the morning shortly after the bells had called the faithful to morning mass, hoping to avoid as much attention as possible. Meanwhile Sir Arthur Fergusson, Agnes and Deputy Sherrif Struman went to the Cathedral for morning mass, and to see the Bishop for themselves. The service was a less fiery and lacked the theatrics of the previous sermon but it was orthodox and pointed. Perhaps most notable was the absences at the morning service – the armed and armored knights and the Nun, the Earl and his family and some of the nobles of the city. The mood in the church was taught, like a bowstring held half-ready to be drawn tight.

While the service ran, Cid Sitron-Blodåre paid a visit to Duncan The Duke where he not only found a place to trade any useful bits he might find, but he also persuaded Duncan to keep and bring to his attention any interesting items he might come across. He headed back up to the town square and met up with Orion Pendragon and Agnes and Deputy Sherrif Struman as they left swiftly after the morning service. Concerned they decided to try and find the others but then realized that they did no know where Elara, Fen, Murdo and Violet were. Cid and Orion summoned a gaggle of small spirits and, leveraging their fast movement in the astral they sent them off to find [[:elara-a-tog | Elara], with her extraordinarily bright aura. They quickly located them, heading north, just about to leave the city, and they hurried after them.

A little less than an hour later, having left the slums, the two groups caught up with each other on the road to the ruins of Castle Dudhope. They swapped tales and the mood darkened; things were getting worse and they had to find a solution. Deputy Sherrif Struman began alluding to a friend; someone nearby who might be able to help them, but seemed reluctant to be drawn further just yet. As they entered the abandoned village that had serviced the castles construction, Violet rode on Murdos shoulders pointing the way. The one-road village felt cold and empty and the group were nervous, but as they approached the castle ruins Violet was excited. She asked Murdo to put her down and said that she would go on ahead and speak with Sorry and that she’d bring him back to talk to them. Somewhat reluctantly, and despite Fen wanting to stay close, they agreed and Violet ran off into the ruins and they waited. While the waited Orion went to circle around the castle ruin and make sure that the area was safe. A short while later, and with Orion still off on his own, Violet returned with a young sad looking boy in tow that she introduced as Sorry.

Sorry was cross with Violet for bringing people here, soemthing he told her she shouldn’t ever do, ust as he said that they shouldn’t have returned to the city, and he was reluctant to talk witht he grown up. But with calm reassurance and no little persuasion the group gradually won some trust from him and he began to talk. He spoke of the others, Stitches, Giggles, Fluffy and Hoods; he spoke of how he came to be this way and when it had happened. How it had felt like he was dying for three days after eating a part of that raw rat for a dare. He told them about how he had run away from home after He told them of how he had changed, got better, but hungered to raw flesh and blood, of how he had killed to get it – vermin at first, rats, cats, stray dogs, but then larger animals and even people. He told them about how sad it made him and how he had fled Dundee to the castle ruins after he parents abandoned him for fear of what he had become. He told them about getting lonely and scared, out here on his own, and how after a few days he’d returned to Dundee to see his friends. He told them how first Violet and then Giggles had agreed to stay with him and keep him company. Of how he had bitten them and told them to come and meet him at the castle after they changed. They had come and things had been OK for a while, but then they’d all got really hungry and had been drawn back to the City. While there they had fed and had also come across some other friends they they had bitten. Stitches had been fascinated by them; Fluffy was just nuts and thought it was cool to have red eyes, but Hoods had tried to pick on them. They clawed and bit her to make her go away. They’d all found them out at the castle a few days later. Sorry had told them all that they couldn’t go to Dundee and for a bit they’d done what he told them, but a few days ago Hoods had told him to get lost and she was going anyway. Fluffy went with her and after they didn’t come back that evening Violet had said she was going to find them (although really he thought she just wanted to visit her parents). He’d told her no but she’d gone anyway. And now he was cross with her. Murdo and Fen reassured hum following his revelations and told him they were trying to help, but that they needed some of his blood to give to a friend who might be able to use it to find a way to make them all better. Reluctantly Sorry had agreed.

While the conversation was going on, Giggles had discovered Orion and was playing at annoying him. Sadly for her he heard the group talking with Sorry and was hurrying to rejoin the group. Left to her own devices the ever-so-quiet Giggles had snuck back tot he ruins and waited for her chance to play a joke. As Murdo tentatively knelt in front of Sorry and set his knife on his palm she say her opportunity. “Boo!” she shouted, as she jumped out right next to him, and despite his training and preternatural speed, he nevertheless started in shock, and the knife in his hand drove right through Sorrys hand and out the other scream. He let out a yelp of pain, even as Giggles collapsed on the floor with side-splitting laughter right next to him….



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